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The Definitive Guide to Starting Over

How to Rebuild, Reinvent, Redefine Your Life

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to, need to or are forced to reboot and reinvent your life. 
  • There has been a major change in your life. Sometimes this change is by choice.  Sometimes it is due to something that was far beyond your control. 
  • The life that you have doesn’t work for you anymore and you want to shed old beliefs and life patterns; you want to let go of those things that just don’t have a place in your life anymore and replace them with something new.
  • Even though you want to change, you don’t have the energy, the will or the clarity of mind to create something new in your life. But you have a strong desire to turn it around and start over.

Know this:

  • A major setback can transform you and your new life can be filled with joy, fulfillment and expansion.  
  • Your life has been altered and that is a new beginning for something else to happen. 
  • You are on a different path and your future will be fulfilling, you will meet different people and have wonderful new experiences. 
  • Things will change at the exact moment in time that you decide that they will change.

This book will

  • Help you appreciate where you are and inspire you to create a vision of where you want to be
  • Help you to strategize your future and what you want in life. 
  • Get rid of the overwhelm and the feeling of being stuck 
  • Help you to rebuild and to create a new story for your life

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