5 Steps to Reinvent Yourself

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By Terry Arzt

At some point it happens to all of us. We have all been there.

We reach a critical passage in our personal or professional lives … and we say to ourselves….



Fill in the blank ……with this business …this job …. this relationship …….these habits.

We are unhappy with the way things are and we are ready for something new.  We may not know exactly what we want, but we sure know what we don’t want.

It’s time to reinvent yourself.

I am not talking about tweaking some part of your life that isn’t working exactly right.

I am talking about a major overhaul.

Reinventing is difficult for anyone.  You question where you are in your life and make a decision to change something …. and occasionally everything …. about your life.

This is a time of transformation.

It is time to hit the reset button.

Reinvention takes a lot of chutzpah and a lot of energy.  You will be going to travel into new territories.  It takes the courage to change especially when you don’t know exactly where you are going.

Here are my 5 steps to reinventing yourself.

Step 1 – To create something new – you need to get rid of something

In order to change something, to reinvent yourself, your business or where you are heading with your personal life, you need to make room for something new.

You need to get rid of the things that are not working for you.  It could be a bad relationship, a bad mindset, some bad habits or a bad environment. You need to get rid of what is dragging you down and holding you back.  Take obligations out of your schedule that you don’t want to do anymore.

It is hard for us to let go of something that we know is not good for us.

Why is that?

What is not good for us can still give us comfort because it is familiar, we know what to expect and it is a habit.  It is a lot easier to stick with the status quo than to change and to start something new.

Tolerating too much of what you don’t want in your life will keep you stuck.  If you want to reinvent yourself, you have to raise your standards.

Say no to what you don’t want in your life – just release it and let it go.

When you let go of what isn’t working, you tolerate less and create more. By making room for the new, you create a vacuum that will attract what will work for you.

Step 2 – You need to accept where you are right now 

You need to fully accept all of your life decisions that got you to this point.  Some decisions were probably excellent and served you well.  Some of your life decisions were horrendous and set you off in a direction that you never would have chosen in retrospect.

Some life changes were completely your decision; other changes were thrust upon you.


Promise yourself right now that you will have no regrets.  No judgment.  You did what you did.  You made the decisions that you made.  And you are where you are.


You have to accept your skill level, your expertise, your strengths and weaknesses.


You orient yourself around this.  This is your starting point.

Step 3 – Decide not to wallow in uncertainty 

Here is how uncertainty works:  You may not know exactly what the first steps are for your new personal or business goals.  Steven Covey always said to start with the end in mind, but it may not be clear to you what the end point is right now.

But, don’t be a victim of analysis paralysis where you can’t move forward because you really don’t know what to do.

Uncertainty cripples you.

When we are uncertain, it affects the way we think and speak about ourselves to others.  When we are uncertain if will influence the types of actions that we take daily.

And this attracts even more uncertainty into our lives.

Uncertainty will cause us to second guess ourselves.  We end up changing our minds when we run into even the smallest obstacle

So decide.  Just decide and take action with full force.  Decide on what comes next; just give it your best judgment call on what you know right now.  Decide what the next steps will be.

Just pursue your goal and assume that you will succeed.

Taking action will give you lots of benefits.

You will get feedback; you will tweak your plan.  You will expand what you are doing. You will meet people along the way who will help you and inspire you.  You will be more attractive and you will get what you are looking for.

So get out of limbo.


There will be am intellectual and emotional paradigm shift.

There is no downside here. Nothing bad is going to happen to you.  You will be better off on every level.

Step 4 –Surround yourself with a supportive community 

You need a support system around you to sustain you, to inspire you, give you helpful information, ideas and energy.

Who you hang out with profoundly affects your future, your life and your business.

The relationships that you have with your support system are the most important predictive factor that will determine your success.

The people you hang out with will influence your thought processes.  They will influence the way you go about problem solving when things go wrong.  They will influence your expectations for future outcomes.

The people that you surround yourself with are critical to your success, in ways you can’t even imagine.

Surround yourself with nutritious people.

Step 5 – Have faith in yourself

Know that it will all work out for the best. Have faith in your abilities, your energy and your plans.

When you have faith, you know that the universe will conspire to help you.  When you have faith, things show up.  It is called a goal seeking mechanism.  When you decide and have faith in your decision, you become hyper aware of people, events and opportunities that will benefit you.

When you decide that you will succeed, you already have succeeded.

Believe in yourself. It sounds counter-intuitive, but belief is a decision.

I believe that we become more and more ourselves as we get older, wiser and more experienced.  So enjoy the process – hit the reset button – and begin again.

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